Where it all began...


The Intimacy Hair Collection’s journey began in 2013 when the founder of the hair brand (Akia) moved to China.  What started, as her personal quest to find quality hair for personal use, evolved into a brand that produces quality customized hair products. 

What is the Intimacy Hair Collection?

The Intimacy Hair Collection is not just another hair brand.  We’re an inclusive brand that provides Premium DONOR/Virgin hair for all ethnicities. 

We pride ourselves on the ability to personalize and customize every product, making it a unique experience for our clients.  

For the last five years, we’ve been creating and re-creating products to bring additional options to the hair industry. 

We currently offering
“The Intimacy DE’NETTE” – Donor Afro Kinky Collection

Some of our products include hair bundles, clip-ins, closures, frontals and our patent pending Clip-in Layering System..


Why choose Intimacy Hair Collection?

Intimacy Hair Collection is a brand that creates, re-creates and customizes hair.  It’s a very personal brand developed by Akia from the perspective of the customer.  She and her team focus on customizing every product that the brand offers, paying close attention to details and creating items that aren’t found easily on the market. The vision behind the Intimacy Hair Collection is to give clients a hair shopping experience that is personal, intimate and customized to their needs.  

At Intimacy Hair Collection, we have addressed many of the issues that women have dealt with over the years when it comes to the hair extensions that they choose to use.

  • Does it look natural?

  • Is it thick and luscious from top to bottom?

  • Does it look like it came out of my scalp?

  • Is it long lasting?

  • Can it be Colored, Bleached, or tolerate Heat?

  • Is it the Proper Texture?

  • Does it shed?

  • Does it Tangle?

  • What is the overall longevity?

  • Does is smell?

Following the 10-question checklist is the crux for developing our products.


Why the name Intimacy?

Intimacy is a word that isn't typically associated with hair, but it should be.  

One of the most intimate moments for a woman is choosing and envisioning the perfect hairstyle.  It is when she is most vulnerable, as she imagines a sexier, refined or polished version of herself. 

Intimacy Hair Collection focuses on fulfilling that transformation perfectly.  This is why the name Intimacy is so befitting for the brand and the people that we cater to. 


What type of hair does Intimacy Hair Collection use?

Most of our Collections are DONOR/Virgin hair. 

What is Donor/Virgin hair?
Donor/Virgin hair is healthy vibrant hair that comes from one single Donor, and the hair has never been processed or chemically treated.

Intimacy Hair Collection DONORS are young ladies (living throughout Asia), whose hair has never been chemically treated or processed.  They grow their hair organically using nature’s products to maintain the integrity and strength of the hair cuticles.  Washing their hair in freshwater rivers while using rice water treatments. Most of our donors are on vegetarian diets and have eliminated saturated fats out of their food. 

 We also offer a customized Remy Collection with 100% Human Hair.

What is Remy Hair?
The Remy hair is 100% Human hair that has multiple donors in a single product. It has been treated or processed.


Our Factories

Our hair is imported from various parts of Asia to our production factories located in Mainland China. 
We have several factories throughout various cities in China. 
With the CEO living in China and a head office in Hong Kong, we have developed a strong team that works very closely supervising our factories quality control.

Conducting rigorous management of our products and also spend countless hours testing and perfecting each product. 

The Intimacy Pledge


Trust is a top priority with the Intimacy Hair Collection Brand.  We strive to provide high-quality hair, personally overseeing production in the factories. Offering fair prices, quality assurance and consistency to individual consumers and small or large businesses.

It’s not just another hair brand; it’s a movement!