Kinky Frontals

Kinky Frontals

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The INTIMACY DE’NETTE™ Kinky is 100% Pure DONOR Virgin hair.  The texture is suitable for those with 3c 4a hair texture. This texture has a low subtle luster.  With curly textures, it is recommended to keep hot styling to a minimum as this can alter the curl pattern. To restore the original hair pattern after styling, simply wash, condition and let the hair air-dry.

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The INTIMACY DE’NETTE™ Closures are 100% pure DONOR HUMAN hair that is constructed by hand on 4x4 Swiss Lace.  Our closures allow for free parting and comes with baby hairs.

We have customized each and every closure with your hair needs in mind.

  • We have eliminated all short Hairs or FLY AWAYS.

  • There are NO split ends

  • Cuticles are aligned in same direction.

  • Sealed knots (for minimal shedding).

Most importantly, without using any harsh chemicals on the hair.