22" Clip-Ins 180g

22" Clip-Ins 180g

from 366.00

The INTIMACY HIGH STANDARD Clip-in’s are 100% pure DONOR HUMAN hair. We have customized every clip-in set with your hair needs in mind.

  • We have eliminated all short Hairs or FLY AWAYS.

  • There are NO split ends.

  • Cuticles are aligned in same direction.

  • No harsh chemicals.

We have added silicone to the tip of our clips -to prevent the pulling and tugging of your own hair. To support the clips we use lace in the track construction.

*Each set of HIGH STANDARD clip-ins includes 10 Clip-in pieces.

o 1 x 8” weft

o 1 x 7” weft

o 2 x 6” weft

o 2 x 4” weft

o 4 x 1.5” weft

You have the option of choosing of between 120g, 160g and/or 220g.

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