Blowout Bundles

Blowout Bundles

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The INTIMACY DE’NETTE™ BLOW OUT is 100% Pure DONOR virgin hair that is double drawn.  The texture is suitable for straightened or blown-out Afro Kinky hair texture. This texture has a low luster.  It can be straightened or worn as is. To restore the original hair pattern after styling, simply wash, condition and let the hair air-dry.

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The INTIMACY DE’NETTE™ bundles are 100% pure Donor HUMAN hair.  We have customized each and every bundle with your hair needs in mind.

  • Each bundle comes from 1 single donor - there is no mixing of hair.

  • Each bundle is 110g or 3.88 ounces of double drawn hair that is weighed before sewing the weft.

  • Wefts are triple stitched for security yet still very pliable. 

  • There are no split ends

  • Cuticles are aligned in the same direction.

Most importantly using only natural products on our hair.

Intimacy DE’NETTE™ bundles will last you up to a year or longer if handled and treated correctly.